maybe i’ll be a writer.

i wanna create a book series about the african deities. they seem so unique and different from the others. would anyone be into it?

sometimes i wonder how my life would’ve turned out if i hadn’t signed up for tumblr

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Happy 420 to all my followers!
For today being a great day, send me a question and Ill rate your blog!
Stay stoned guys ^_^

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i’m at a spiritual level where i can control my thirst and thirst internally. 2014 aint meant for thirst brah, stay hydrated. 

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happy 420!!

at graduation, the first thing that popped in my mind when i got on stage was, “i came in with no friends, and im leaving with no friends.”

in my own head

i never had an actual friend growing up. the ones i thought i had were just being nice to me. well, at least, thats what i think. i was jealous of those who had plans on the weekend and during the week. while they were out goofing off at the mall, at one another’s crib hanging out, or just decided it was a beach type of day, i was in front of the television. in high school, i would set my phone on the loudest it could go but it was always silent. it never occurred to me then that if i didnt come to terms with it and just enjoyed not having to put up a fake persona, i would be happy. but now im 22 and my mind still listens out for a call from any of them. its been 4 damn years since i last seen them and i cant figure out why am i so stuck on the past. it makes it worse when i think of how badly they treated me and all i still wanted to be wherever they were.